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Squirrel Dance

3:15 am: Revenge of the Squirrels (Or how to be more creative)

Picture yourself voluntarily waking up at 3:15 am every morning for an entire month. Now imagine lurching around in the dark to find a notebook, flipping to a blank page, and writing whatever comes to mind. And now suppose I said this exercise could supercharge your productivity and make you more creative.

I know, I know… about as likely as a break-dancing squirrel. Right?

When I first heard about the so-called 3:15 Experiment, I shook my head. I mean, seriously, I have enough trouble sleeping as it is. Why on earth would I intentionally wake up in prime dreaming time just to scribble in my journal? What could possibly come of it, other than grumpy moods and a medical need for coffee? On the other hand, I’m very often awake at 3:15 anyway. So why not give it a go?

For the first few days I remained unconvinced. Sure, it was interesting to wake up and see what my semi-conscious mind had oozed in the wee hours. But the result was usually nonsensical drivel or a series of cringe inducing cliches. My heart longs for trampoline freedoms… Shudder.I stuck with it though and, after a few days, I noticed something unexpected and kinda cool.

My daytime writing was getting better.

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It’s called, um, Faerieworlds.

The border guard can barely hide his smirk. “You’re going to fairy what?”

“Faerieworlds,” I say, deepening my voice a little. “It’s a three day festival down in Eugene, Oregon.”

“And what happens there?”

“Well, there’s music and craft vendors and performers. And people dress up in costumes.”

Now the guard is just plain smiling. “So you’re gonna dress up as a fairy for three days?”

“Um, no. I’m going as a steampunk tinker.” My voice is now so deep I’m veering into Barry White territory.

“So those aren’t your wings, then?” He points at some black, lacy dragonfly shaped wings on the seat behind me.

“No, those are mine,” my partner says. “Made ‘em myself.”

To my relief, the guard hands back our passports. “Ok. Have a nice time.”

I say thank you and hit the gas. In my side view mirror I can see him doubled over, laughing.

I don’t blame him. The first time I heard about Faerieworlds I had my own misgivings. Why would I want to go traipsing around with people in Faerie costumes for three days? It didn’t take long for me to change my mind though. Faerieworlds is not about fairies (the Disney sort of winged nymphs with no waist and big tits) but about Faerie: an imaginary and enchanted land.

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