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Glimpse of Aloha Airlines.

From then to now (please follow detour).

It’s been nearly two months since Aloha Wanderwell hit bookshelves and, thankfully, sales have been strong. The reviews have been great, the media has been kind, and regular people have shown a strong and persistent interest in her story. We’ve had people from all over world contacting our various websites and social media handles, exclaiming appreciation or asking questions. Of these, the most common—by far— has nothing to do with Aloha’s amazing life story. Rather, what most people want to know is, “How on Earth did you find this story?” To which the quickest answer is: by fluke and perseverance. The fuller explanation is a bit of a story…

Almost 10 years ago my collaborator, Randolph Eustace-Walden, and I were co-developing a television show. This was during the height of the reality TV craze and our idea was to create a show in which contestants would attempt to circle the globe in eco-friendly cars. No gasoline allowed. Much like our process for writing the book, I was busy writing an outline while Randy conducted research into the more practical aspects of our project. He had just begun his research, when a cousin from Ontario called. She was flying to Hawaii for a holiday and wanted to stopover in Vancouver to visit Randy. She wasn’t sure, though, if Aloha Airlines was still in business. Randy didn’t know either, so he did a quick search online. What he didn’t notice, though, was that his previous search terms, “drive around the world” had not been erased. Among the results was a book from the 1930s for sale in Atlanta, Georgia. Entitled, Call to Adventure. The book purported to tell the story of a woman who drove around the world in the 1920s. Her name was Aloha Baker.

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