A writing acquaintance recently asked me if I use an app called Flipboard. I recalled seeing it some time ago and I think I even installed it, but I didn’t find it very useful. At her prompting, however, I checked it out again. Wow. Whole other experience.

Billed as a “social news magazine”, Flipboard is a mobile app (for ios and Android) that allows you to create your own magazines on the fly. There are lots of other apps that let you to collect content from the web (Evernote springs to mind) but Flipboard does something that no other app I’ve found does. It makes content LOOK AWESOME. By stripping the content from the usual bilge that mars most websites, Flipboard lets you read the stories you’re interested in and JUST the stories you’re interested in. How does it do this, you ask? I have no clue. But I can tell you how to do this.

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